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College Board’s digital magazine celebrates stories of success and optimism in education. At a time when much of the news seems negative, The Elective amplifies the good work and extraordinary voices of the nation's resilient and resourceful students, teachers, and leaders.

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Featured Stories from The Elective

The Hope and Opportunity of a Technology Education

Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson bet big on computer science—and students, teachers, and communities across his state are benefiting.

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Rebooting the Invitation to Technology

As CEO of Reboot Representation, Dwana Franklin-Davis draws on a lifetime of experience in the tech world to get more Black, Latina, and Native American women into the industry.

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The Computer Science Evangelist

As she prepares to leave her post at CSforALL, Ruthe Farmer outlines how the U.S. can build a more representative tech industry.

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At the Forefront of the AgTech Revolution

By bringing digital innovation to farms, Julian Sanchez, director of emerging technology at John Deere, is creating new opportunities for farmers and students alike.

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The High Cost of High Conflict

In her new book, investigative journalist Amanda Ripley argues that we need to find a better, lower-temperature way to argue—for our health and the health of our country.

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Public Education After the Pandemic

Researcher Robin Lake, director of the non-partisan Center on Reinventing Public Education, wants to seize post-covid opportunities to improve the nation's schools.

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The Moral Imperative of Public Education

After a challenging year for students, parents, and educators, Chiefs for Change CEO Mike Magee sees potential for more equitable schools and classrooms.

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Charm City Turnaround

Under the leadership of Sonja Santelises, Baltimore's public schools and its students have made incredible strides. Now she's preparing to continue building on that success while creating a more equitable post-pandemic system.

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