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Two Codes

A College Board initiative that offers more high school students access to college-level coursework in computer science and American government.

Unlocking Challenges & Opportunities

Mastering the Two Codes

Students deserve the chance to master the disciplines of technology and democracy. Technology is the code of the economy and innovation; democracy the code of our public life.

Expanding Student Access

By expanding access to AP Computer Science Principles and AP U.S. Government and Politics—and encouraging schools to link the courses through joint projects—College Board is leading a new generation to grapple with democracy in the digital age.

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Rhode Island Leads the Way

Rhode Island was an early Two Codes adopter. Educators from the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) and College Board explored areas of course overlap and identified key steps for creating a Two Codes framework, which is now available as a downloadable PDF toolkit.

Call for Partners

Two Codes goes beyond Advanced Placement.

Current Partners

We're working alongside organizations like the National Constitution Center, Generation Citizen, CSforAll, and to give a broader population of students access to digital skills and a firm grounding in American democracy.

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