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College Board Foundation

Building partnerships to measurably expand student opportunity.

Who We Are

Our Role

College Board was created to open the doors of college to a much broader range of students. To meet that mission, we’ve grown to become a national nonprofit with deep expertise in assessment and advanced coursework, applying our research and measurement capabilities to guide millions of students to college. College Board Foundation leverages those capabilities to address challenges intensified by the pandemic: unequal access to good jobs, strains on our democracy and the digital divide. 

What We Do

Our Work

Career Pathways

We explore ways to measurably expand and diversify access to effective career pathways—especially in the tech workforce pipeline.

Civic Education

We provide young people with the knowledge, skills, and agency to productively engage in democracy and civic life.

The Digital Divide

We support efforts to connect students to devices and internet access to promote efficient and effective learning.

How we affect change

Our Capabilities

College Board Foundation leverages our capabilities to help solve challenges intensified by the pandemic in areas beyond college.

Research and Policy

We measure what matters and create policy to advance what works. We leverage advanced coursework, research, and measurement capabilities to define clear career pathways, improve civic knowledge and engagement, and close the digital divide.

Student in classroom taking test.

Pilots and Partnerships

We create pilots and partnerships for measurable impact. We test interventions and identify those that move the needle for students on key skills and knowledge that matter for employers and communities. We work to measurably expand and diversify access to opportunity.

Student with backpack walking down the stairs while speaking with a teacher or counselor.

The Elective

We celebrate stories of measurable success and inspiring leaders. The Elective, our digital education magazine, intentionally highlights the stories of resourceful students, teachers, and educators who achieve their goals in new and imaginative ways.

Student wearing a backpack in the doorway of their home.