College Board Foundation

Research and Policy

There is great work happening in education, especially in career pathways, civic education, and the digital divide. College Board Foundation leverages key capabilities to work with policy partners and measurably tackle these challenges—preparing students not just for college but for careers and civic life.

Key Topics

Our resources and research expertise expand and diversify access to good jobs, preparing students to productively engage in democracy and civic life, and closing the digital divide.

Expand and Diversify Access to Advanced Coursework and Good Jobs

AP Computer Science Principles was created to intentionally expand the invitation to computer science and diversify the tech sector’s workforce pipeline. Now we’re researching other courses that can prepare students for different careers—like healthcare and advanced manufacturing. We will explore how to match students to credential programs and transfer policies, and we will measure access and diversity across career pathways.

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Prepare Students to Productively Engage in Democracy and Civic Life

Our democracy faces significant challenges, including the rise of misinformation and lack of understanding of how our democracy works. We are conducting research and building policy partnerships to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and agency to combat misinformation and productively engage in our democracy and civic life. 

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Close the Digital Divide

The pandemic revealed that millions of students lack reliable high-speed internet or the devices they needed for productive online learning. We’re working with national, state, and local partners to close the digital divide.

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