Prepare Students to Productively Engage in Democracy and Civic Life

College Board Foundation

What the Research Says 

  • Project-based learning in AP Government and Politics allowed students to more deeply understand the role of government in a democracy. (Source: Lucas Education Research)
  • Americans with higher education rates are more likely to volunteer and to vote—examples of engagement in civic life. (Source: College Board)
  • There are many organizations working in this space, and it’s essential that they collaborate to reimagine the future of civics education. (Source: The Institute for Citizens & Scholars)


Policy Solutions 

  • There are a wide variety of policies that can improve civics education in the U.S., including state standards, professional development, and assessments. (Source: CivXNow, Fordham Institute)
  • Students can be set up for success post-graduation by mastering two codes—computer science and civics. (Source: New York Times)
  • The Rhode Island Two Codes initiative demonstrates how a state can—through policy and innovation—prepare students to be both empowered citizens in a democracy and adaptive members of the country’s 21st century workforce. (Source: PrepareRI